Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII – Is the top first-shooter homecoming video game just released by Sledgehammer games. Call of Duty WWII is the 14th main installment to the Call of Duty game series & is set in World War II. Check Call of Duty: WWII price & release date.

The time has come for fans of first-person action games to claim for years: the return of Call of Duty to its roots in World War II . Sledgehammer Games, responsible for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , have been responsible for this trip back in time, which seeks to change the face of this series of Activision, in addition to simplifying somewhat the playable proposal that, for many, had become complicated too, with its continuous jumps and futuristic tricks. How did the play go? Is Call of Duty: WWII capable of greening old laurels or staying in a vacuous attempt? Keep reading to discover it.

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Cod WW2 - In this way, this Call of Duty: WW2 will make us relive some of the most well-known battles of the II GM , without forgetting to offer a multiplayer experience at the height of the circumstances and cooperative options with zombies as we are already accustomed to receive.

With this in mind, it seems that the script established for the series does not vary, with three distinct parts of the product, which have to dance to it are to offer the best possible war experience. Next we will discuss each of the three facets of the game developed by Sledgehammer, and then talk about the game in general and draw the final conclusions. Let the fight begin!

                 COD WW2 Campaign: one step back and one step forward


The campaign of Call of Duty: WW2 puts us in the skin of the soldier 'Red' Daniels, a young American who is coming to Europe to counteract the German offensive and begin to reconquer ground to the German forces, starting at the Normandy Landing. 

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Yes, we know, a story that we have lived a thousand and one times, this is true, but the approach that Sledgehammer Games has wanted to give the function is not as usual (at least it has not been for the series). We are, generally, that soldier Daniels, but we will almost never be alone in combat. What the Call of Duty: WW2 developer wanted to do is to delve into the idea that united war is better, and therefore the central idea, both in the narrative and in the gameplay, revolves around that concept: that of being a unit in the greatest war that humanity has seen.

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This is achieved through two ways. The first is to give great importance to personal relationships between our colleagues and allies, making them more than the cannon fodder that usually accompanies us. 

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COD WWII - This gives some more packaging to each of the 10 missions of the campaign Call of Duty: WWII, making it not a 'me against all', but what happens to each partner matter ... At least in a sense. In this way we will cover different fronts of the II GM, starting with the Normandy landings, going through the liberation of Paris and ending on the banks of the River Rhine (yes, we will not kill Hitler in this COD WW2 game, since his story is something more personal ). 

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The trip is the important thing on this occasion and it can be seen in two planes, the protagonist's staff, which is evolving and that of the scenario / conflict that we are going through. In this sense, the COD WW2 game that occupies us is of the most peliculero, being more than clear the filmic inspiration of this title.


COD WWII - Thus we will live a more personal side of this great conflict, without leaving aside the heroic and spectacular experience that characterizes this type of games. Moreover, the film spirit moves to Call of Duty: WWII to the point of offering a closed experience, with a certain development and few possibilities of choice. 

That is, Call of Duty returns to the pasilleras campaigns, in which almost the only variation is finding (or not) a series of collectable objects). Added to this are the heroic actions, scripted moments in which we save a partner. 

Call of Duty WWII - Unfortunately, they could have given much more of themselves, limited to a series of repetitive and less spectacular moments (avoid a Nazi stabbing an ally, pity Nazis who surrender, drag a wounded to the safety of the trenches.

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Along the way remains the improvement of the character seen in the futuristic deliveries of Call of Duty, special abilities or secondary missions. In this sense, the Call of Duty: WWII campaign feels old as far as its proposal is concerned, only adding its own twist: the appearance of allied soldiers with unique abilities that help us in combat. 

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Call of Duty: WW2 - This possibility could have given more than itself, but limited to put at our disposal a number of skills: recharging kits, ammunition, highlight enemies, mortar fire in a specific area ... Everything, always, our order, since the AI ​​of the partners (and enemies) does not shine precisely because of its high level.

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                                                                                           Call of Duty: WW2 Review

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